Flintoclass@HOME Curriculum | Award-Winning Early Learning Program
A Holistic Learning Kit Delivered Home
From following international standards of safety to designing a research-driven, child-centric curriculum, we go all out to ensure your little one receives nothing but the very best during this vital stage of development. The skills they acquire here lay the foundation for lifelong learning.
What Your Child Will Learn
The Most Loved & Trusted Learning Program
Best learning experience

"The activities at Flintoclass@HOME are age-appropriate and offer so much more than a ZOOM class ever could!"


Educator & Mom

Very practical
& activity-oriented

"I was surprised at how convenient Flintoclass is. It is the best learning experience at home!"


Working Professional & Mom

Real preschool experience

"Flintoclass encourages my son to be self-sufficient and have autonomy in his daily tasks. It has helped in his development & education!"


Working Professional & Mom

What Makes Us Unique
Unconventional Designs

We break conventional stereotypes and provide 575+ unique multi-disciplinary experiences for children all through the year.

Integrated Learning

The curriculum is a culmination of methodologies including Playway, John Dewey, Waldorf, and Multiple Intelligence.

Meticulous Assessment

Our assessment is adaptive and focuses on understanding how our learning design can be enhanced to make it engaging for all children.

Recognized For Educational Excellence By Reputed Institutes
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